A Devil’s Diorama: Heath Holden

Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery

Exhibition Dates: 1 July – 31 Oct 2018

A Devil’s Diorama, a new exhibition of Tasmanian Devil photography at the Cradle Mountain Wilderness gallery, will open at the weekend (Sunday 1 July).

It showcases a selection of images from the extensive personal project of Tasmanian photographer Heath Holden which captures the life of the elusive and endangered Tasmanian Devil.

“The work is photographed in the devil’s natural habitat, from dry sclerophyll forests through to lush temperate rainforests using Canon DSLR cameras remotely triggered by invisible infrared technology, no baiting or captive animals are ever used,” Mr Holden said.

The project started in 2012 as a seemingly simple idea to get a few good quality photographs but quickly turned into an obsession.

“I just couldn’t stop,” Mr Holden said.

“As years passed by, I fine-tuned my camera trapping techniques to produce cinematic scenes of nature.”

Work from this project has been published nationally and internationally, including in National Geographic Magazine in the Canon Global campaign “Wildlife As Canon Sees It”.

Mr Holden thanked the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) for its support throughout the project, allowing him unlimited access to prime devil habitat.

The CEO of the TLC, James Hattam, will be the guest speaker at the exhibition’s official opening on Sunday (1 July).

“Heath’s work has helped TLC tell our story to so many people we are excited to be involved,” he said.


Images: Heath Holden


The exhibition will be officially opened at 2pm on Sunday 1 July.