Tassal is concerned that its employees working at Okehampton Bay are being put in potential danger by a drone and its pilot and will refer the matter to Tasmania Police and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

A Tassal spokesman said employees were feeling harassed and were worried about their safety.

“Our divers report that on occasions the drone has been filming just three-metres from them when they resurface,” he said.

“This presents some obvious health and safety risks for our team which we are simply not prepared to accept.

“If there was a mechanical failure and the drone struck an employee, injury would likely be significant.

The Tassal spokesman said the drone vision was being “broadcast” alongside false and misleading statements about Tassal’s operations at Okehampton Bay.

“Our people are good people who just want to go to work and do their job like thousands of other Tasmanians on any given day of the week,” he said.

“We have nothing to hide and are frustrated by the continual recycling of false and misleading information from groups such as Environment Tasmania, which is irresponsible.

“Furthermore, it is extremely disappointing that groups such as Marine Protection Tasmania, which has been invited along with other stakeholders to sit on Tassal’s community advisory group, have chosen not to respond and represent its community, but instead continue to promote false information in the public domain.”