EPA Tasmania has posted confirmation on its web site that Tassal has full compliance across all three of its leases in Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s west coast.

While Tassal’s May 2017 surveys indicated full compliance, confirmation by the EPA is a good and welcome outcome.

Marine Farming Licencing Conditions relating to environmental management of finfish farms in Macquarie Harbour require compliance with environmental standards.

One EPA requirement is that there must be no significant visual impacts at, or extending beyond, 35-metres from the boundary of the lease area – this is known as ‘out of lease compliance’.

Today’s results mean that it has 100 per cent ”‘out of lease compliance” statewide.

“These high compliance scores are achieved by balancing the company’s long-term focus on science before production,” Tassal managing director and chief executive officer Mark Ryan said.

“Macquarie Harbour has highlighted that the Harbour continues to be a complex waterway for us and the Tasmanian salmon industry to manage.

“That is why Tassal is investing substantially in protective waste capture methods ensure the leadership standards we are globally renowned for are sustained.”