A reachTEL poll commissioned by the Bob Brown Foundation and released today (24 August) shows support for the expansion of salmon farming into Okehampton Bay has increased since the question was last posed to the Tasmanian community less than one month ago.

Support for fish farming in Okehampton Bay increased from 29.4 per cent in July to 38.3 per cent, the poll revealed, while opposition fell from 47.9 per cent to 44.7 per cent.

The undecided or don’t know / not sure also decreased from 22.7 per cent to 17.1 per cent.

“We believe support is growing as we educate the community about our sustainability practices and the economic benefits for the east coast region in particular given the new jobs we are creating for local people,” Tassal senior manager Corporate Engagement Barbara McGregor said.

“While support has grown in every age demographic reported on, it is strongest in males and people aged 18-years to 34-years.

“While we have always said there is very strong support for the salmon farm to proceed within the Triabunna community, we are pleased that our message is getting through.

“Tassal will continue to communicate transparently with our Tasmanian stakeholders.  We will not be complacent and will continue to proactively engage with our stakeholders.”