Following an independent audit by SCS Global Services, Australia’s leading salmon farming and seafood company Tassal has confirmed that its Macquarie Harbour harvest sites have been re-certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standard.

Tassal head of Sustainability Linda Sams said the approval followed a six-month comprehensive assessment process and now meant that Tassal once again had 100% ASC certification on all its stocked leases in Macquarie Harbour.

“The certification process involved on site inspections, comprehensive scientific data submissions and interviews with employees and external stakeholders,” she said.

“It would be fair to say that the level of scrutiny on Macquarie Harbour and Tassal over the last year has been unprecedented.

“To face this scrutiny head on – like Tassal always does – and to seek re-certification of its harvest fish to ASC standards shows how resilient and steadfast we are on ensuring we have a sustainable business.”

To become ASC certified, farms must be independently audited by a third party certification body and approved by the organisation’s global peak body, SCS Global Services.

Ms Sams said Tassal was very pleased at the result that followed confirmation last week by EPA Tasmania that Tassal had in May 2017, achieved full “out of lease” regulatory compliance across all three of its leases in Macquarie Harbour.

“Maintaining our hard-won international sustainability credentials is important for Tassal and assists us to ensure the leadership standards we are globally recognised for are sustained,” she said.

The ASC certification program – considered the highest global standard for responsibly farmed seafood – recognises and rewards responsible farming activities.

ASC labelled seafood can be traced back through the supply chain to a responsibly managed fish farm.

Salmon farms that have been certified to the ASC Salmon Standard can demonstrate that they reduce impacts on the natural environment, follow strict feed requirements and are social responsible.