Tasmanians are paying more to keep their cars on the road research undertaken by the RACT has found.

The annual vehicle operating cost survey has revealed that the average cost of owning a car is just more than $217 a week, a rise of three per cent on last year’s bill.

The survey analysed the cost of ownership taking account of running costs such as fuel and maintenance, together with car price, registration and insurance.

“Higher fuel prices was the main contributor to the rise,” RACT general manager Mobility Services Darren Moody said.

“In recent months, fuel prices have rapidly risen to 2014 levels, and despite newer vehicles using on average nine per cent less fuel than they did four-years-ago, the significant increase at the pump has driven ownership costs above annual CPI increases.

“When you are buying a car, the price is just the start of the spending. There are hidden costs which you should consider by doing your research and asking the dealer questions about on-road costs.”

The large SUV car category saw the biggest increase with costs jumping an average of $11.50 a week to run compared to last year, again directly reflecting higher fuel consumption of that category and the increasing cost of fuel.

In the survey, the most expensive petrol car is a Mercedes E200 saloon costing $433 a week; the Tesla Model S electric vehicle is slightly less at $385.85 per week, where despite a higher cost on the initial purchase, recharging and servicing is less than half the price of a traditional engine vehicle. The Mitsubishi Mirage in the micro car category was the cheapest car costing, just more than $105 per week to operate.

“Buyers are in a strong position to negotiate a new car purchase at present with dealers carrying stock as new cars sales slow,” Mr Moody said.

“The RACT Vehicle Operating Costs survey gives you what you need to know before you step into a car showroom.”

RACT vehicle operating costs looked at the costs of 138 vehicles in 14 categories.

It is based on a five-year ownership where the car is driven an average of 12,000 km a year.

Cheapest vehicle by category

Category Vehicle Cost per week
Micro Mitsubishi Mirage ES $105.37
Light Suzuki Swift GL Hatchback $109.60
Small Kia Cerato S 5d Hatchback $123.68
Medium Mazda6 Sport $189.16
Large Holden Commodore RS ZB TDFI $226.69
People Mover Honda Odyssey VTi $214.58
Sports Mazda MX-5 Roadster $191.17
Small SUV Suzuki Vitara RT-S $142.84
Medium SUV Mazda CX-5 Maxx AWD $188.40
Large SUV Subaru Outback 2.5i WAGON AWD $213.57
All-Terrain SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLX (4×4) $239.85
2WD Ute Mtsubishi Triton GLX $202.23
4WD Dual-Cab Ute Mitsubishi Triton GLX (4×4) $219.21
Plugin hybrid/Electric Mitsubishi Outlander LS PHEV $260.55


For full detail visit https://www.ract.com.au/buying-a-car