International renewable energy developer UPC Renewables Australia supports the further study and progression of the development of a second interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria.

The second interconnector will enable the optimal development of the Jim’s Plains and Robbins Island projects, rather than being constrained by the present transmission system.

This represents a major increase in the expected total combined output from about 450MWs (~AUD900million of investment) to approximately 1000MWs (~AUD1.6billion of investment).

This will also mean a significant increase in expected job creation in north west Tasmania.

UPC is expecting that the majority use of a second interconnector will be to export power from Tasmania’s new proposed projects, such as the Robbins Island and Jim’s Plains Renewable Energy Parks to Victoria.

The second interconnector will also be used to provide further security to Tasmania (through a strengthened system), increased security to Victoria (through providing complementary renewable generation when required), increased development of renewable energy in Tasmania and a stimulus for increased economic development in Tasmania.

UPC Renewables Australia Pty Ltd CEO,Anton Rohner said: “The Federal Government, AEMO and the Tasmanian Government have all identified the high likelihood of a Second Interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria being built in the near to medium-term to support the development of Renewable Energy in Tasmania and the creation of Battery of the Nation in Tasmania.

“UPC Renewables will be seeking to keep the costs down to every day Tasmanians by maximising further renewable energy generation from our projects.

“We are excited about the realisation of a proposed Second Interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria, as we believe Tasmania has enormous potential to supply dispatchable renewable energy generation for all Australians.

“UPC Renewables supports the Minister for Energy, Guy Barnett, and the Tasmanian Government’s progress in developing the second interconnector in a timely fashion for Tasmania to optimise investment and job growth for the state.

“This announcement will enable Tasmania to benefit from the jobs and investment created though Australias transistion to a clean energy economy.”

About UPC Renewables

UPC Renewables Group is a leading worldwide renewable developer with over 20 years of global experience pioneering and building world-class wind and solar projects.

UPC formed companies have developed more than 3,500 MW of operating wind and solar projects with an investment value of over USD5 billion, and have a development pipeline of more than 5,000 MW.  UPC has a proven successful history of being an early entrant in new markets with advanced technology and creative local business strategies, helping countries accelerate their renewable energy development.