With RACT patrols seeing firsthand the results of poor vehicle maintenance, the organisation is encouraging motorists to undertake some simple checks to ensure their vehicle is ready for the cold of Tasmania’s winter.

RACT general manager Mobility Services Darren Moody said it was critical that motorists carefully checked the condition of their motor vehicle at this time of year.

“Poor tyre condition, low tread depth and pressures can be dangerous in wet or icy conditions,” he said.

“Low tread levels can lead to aquaplaning on wet roads resulting in total loss of control when travelling at speed.

“Turn your front wheels to full lock to inspect the inside edges. Tyre tread depth should be at least 1.5 millimetres across the full surface of the tyre. Any less and motorists are putting themselves in danger.”

Mr Moody said – for the obvious reason that you need to see where you were going – windscreen wiper rubber and windscreen condition were important safety factors.

“Replacing wiper rubbers is a relatively easy DIY task, but. if you do not feel comfortable doing it, ask your mechanic,” he said.

Mr Moody said no one wanted to be stranded with their vehicle during the winter months because of a faulty battery.

“We recommend you get your battery tested well before the winter weather hits so you don’t get caught out,” he said.

“And check your fan belts for cracking and tightness, and that your heater, air conditioning and demister are all operating correctly.”

Mr Moody said motorists should ask themselves if their vehicle had been serviced in the past 12 months.

“A thorough inspection by a competent mechanic is the best way to ensure that your car is in good condition and ready for winter travelling,” he said.